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Dudley Edwards – The Early Years

Dudley Edwards first came to prominence in 1965 as a leading light in Swinging London and quickly confirmed his legendary credentials as co-founder of pioneering pop art collective ‘Binder Edwards and Vaughan’ aka BEV – a collective consisting of artwork by Douglas Binder and Edwards, with Vaughan acting as their manager/agent. Binder and Edwards were acclaimed as the first artists in Britain (since the ‘Omega Workshops’ 1913-20) to produce painted furniture. A notable piece being Paul McCartney’s ‘Magic Piano’.

“I wrote ‘Getting Better’, ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and ‘Fixing a Hole’ on my magic piano, of course the way in which it was painted added to the fun of it all. I still cherish jealously my piano, on which I also composed ‘Hey Jude’. It’s in its rightful place in my music room in London.”
Quote, Sir Paul McCartney

“Paul took us into his music room it has a piano painted by Dudley. That piano is the freakiest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s lavender, gold, blue, orange – everything you could imagine – it’s got millions of colors”.
Quote, Micky Dolenz of ‘The Monkeys’

Dudley Edwards and Douglas Binder had become two of the most important artists internationally of the 1960’s pop-art scene and are credited by some art historians as being the creators of the entire look and movement.

“Edwards’ and Binders’ 1960’s portfolio is immense, the look, style, feeling and “vibe” of the late 1960’s in London was very much a Dudley Edwards and Douglas Binder creation”.
Quote from Coy’s auctioneer’s catalogue.

“We consider BEV like Olympian gods! We pore over the scant photos available, scrutinize the techniques, are gobsmacked at the colour combinations. The subtlety of the colour gradations and contrasts of BEV’s work are staggering, really. How did they produce so much glorious work in such a short time”.
Julian Palacios Author of Syd Barrat’s bio ‘Lost in The Woods’

See under 1960s for more examples

Solo Work

In late ‘67 Dudley went on to paint murals in the homes of Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

“Dudley Edwards undisputed star of the London rock scene. The great John Lennon spent many hours at the home of Paul McCartney, sitting admiring the murals painted by Dudley Edwards. The same artist who decorated the famous piano of Paul’s, and Ringo Starr admired to the point of commissioning a mural for his home.”
Quote, Emilia Romagna ‘il Fatto Quotidiano’

“Edward’s work, solo and as part of his partnerships, is never easily reducible to genre. This is due partly to a no-nonsense Northern work ethic that kept him honest with himself and partly to a keen interest in exploring perceptual art. His sturdy sense of himself served him well in the hectic, hustle-centric world of the late 1960’s. He invented a form that others would pick up and run with. He created a highly influential form of playful, yet rigorous design.”
Norman Hathaway & Dan Nadal ‘Electrical Banana’

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